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Where we were located as of June, 2005.

In just 4 months, the map is already outdated. As of October, 2005, we also have members in Illinois,Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and Florida. In the UK, we have additional members in England and Scotland.


North Carolina - FOUR WINDS


Local covens may become established in areas where members are concentrated. As of October, 2005, the most concentrated areas are North Carolina, the Great Lakes, and Pennsylvania/Maryland.

In North Carolina, the Four Winds Coven was the first local coven. It was established at The Farm, on 7/17/2004, in Fayetteville by the founding members of Priestess Motorcycle Coven, and is home to the High Council.

Local covens consist of at least 3 other Priestesses or Conjurers, and may include Conjurer Apprentices. Local covens do not have to conform to any state or provincial boundaries, but members should be located near enough to each other that they can get together. When local covens form, they usually create a local coven name.Within a local coven, there may be a Summoning Priestess. The Summoning Priestess guides her coven, encourages them to gather and ride, and reports to the High Council of the Four Winds.

The best way to establish a local coven is to begin finding other women in your area who ride motorcycles, and would like to go on rides with you. The best way to meet other riders is to go to events or rides that you enjoy.

WIND SEEKERS - formed in lower Michigan, right around All Hallows Eve, 2005. See WIND SEEKERS

We are a group of women who gather, ride motorcycles, and conjure.

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