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“The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot.”

Leadership and Organization

Based in North Carolina. There are new Covens forming in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, and New York.
. We are pleased to announce that Priestess Motorcycle Coven is now International! We welcome our newest member from Colechester, Essex England.

Members BIO’s

Leadership in the Priestess Motorcycle Coven is best characterized as the voluntary offering of services and resources to all our members. It requires work, wisdom, initiative, and guidance. Summoning High Priestess Northwind does much of the work within the coven, but relies on wisdom and guidance from the High Council. The combined wisdom, strengths, and experience of four spirited minds is better than one. We strive to listen to all our members ideas. Similar leadership will also develop in each local coven as it forms. The Summoning Priestess of each local coven will also need to work, listen to the ideas of local members, may appoint a council, and have the wisdom to know when to seek guidance from the High Council.


The Priestess Salute

High Priestesses demonstrate the Priestess Salute. We only mean this in the nicest possible way. Left to Right: Westwind, Eastwind, Northwind (look for the black leather finger).

The Founders from the Four Winds provide guidance and direction, and make up the







How to Address a Member of the High Council

Each of the Founders are conveyed the proper title of High Priestess. However, in casual conversation, one may address any member of the High Council by her name such as “Westwind” or as “Priestess” and this shall be considered respectful.

During formal ceremonial gatherings, formal introductions may be conveyed. For example; “High Priestess Westwind from the Four Winds, High Council to the Priestess Coven.

Covenant Duties of the High Council

We from the Four Winds shall form and maintain our Covenant. We shall go in all directions to all compass points to build and grow our Coven. We shall guide all Conjurers who come to us in the matter of forming local covens. We shall authorize local covens and appoint a Priestess to guide the local coven. We shall guide all Conjurers and Conjurer Apprentices who come before us without benefit of local coven. We shall authorize and appoint the title of High Priestess to a Priestess who guides either multiple local covens or single local covens of eight or more members.

Establishment and Organization of Local Covens and Area Covens

Any conjurer with at least 3 years of experience riding her own motorcycle, and Conjurer membership of at least 3 moon cycles, and who gathers at least 3 other conjurers may petition the High Council for recognition of a local coven. She shall advise the High Council of the proposed name for the coven, along with the names of the members who make up the new coven.

Upon approval of the local coven, all conjurers with 3 or more years of riding experience, and membership of at least 3 moon cycles, shall be accorded the title of Priestess. There must be at least one Priestess to guide every coven. Covens may have more than one Priestess. However, the local coven shall appoint one and only one Priestess to report to the High Council. This Priestess should be the Conjurer who first gathered the coven and will be known as the Summoning Priestess.


We are a group of women who gather, ride motorcycles, and conjure.

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