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“The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot.”

Links to Assorted Motorcycle and Biker Sites.

This link page brought to you by the Priestess Motorcycle Coven - - Some call us witches and some call us bitches. To know us, is to love us. We mostly ride Harleys and cruiser type motorcycles. Non-secular (means we’re not all of any particular religion. NOT a religious cult.) We’re ladies who are in a sisterhood, with the wind as our friend. Located in several states, there may be a coven near you!

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Charities we endorse, support or plan to support: BACA - Bikers Against Child Abuse.

Motorcycle Clubs

Groups and motorcycle clubs we are affiliated with: We are loyal to Priestess Motorcycle Coven only, and it will remain that way. We do not pay dues, have no charter, and seek no permissions since we are not an MC. We respect MC’s by not wearing a 3 piece patch.

Groups and motorcycle clubs we respect: ALL. We respect all who ride and respect us in return. In fact, we’ve already listed all the known womens motorcycle clubs, so please be sure to tell us if we missed yours. We’ll be glad to add a link for your motorcycle club also!.

Womens Motorcycle Clubs and Groups
Chartered Motorcycle Clubs and Riding Clubs
Christian Motorcycle Clubs
Harley Motorcycle Clubs
Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs
Sportsbike Motorcycle Clubs
Other Motorcycle Clubs

Until such time that there are more listings, please visit this extensive motorcycle clubs directory.

Authors of Books about Bikers by Women Bikers

Our sister, Throttle - see her page and the cover of her book: Throttle

Sasha Mullins -

Easiest way to find out where hotels are located.



Internet Directories or sites that might link to Priestess.

Bikers Engine

We are a group of women who gather, ride motorcycles, and conjure.

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