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womens motorcycle coven 

“The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot.”



To gather, ride motorcycles, and conjure.

The Priestess Motorcycle Coven exists to bring together women who like to ride motorcycles and have fun.

There is no altruistic purpose for our existence, but we may do some good deeds.

There is no outlaw purpose. Any mischief we do as individuals should not reflect on all members.

Whenever we shall conjure, it is for good purpose only.  No bad juju. No bad karma. No evil.

We’re open to all women who ride their own motorcycles. We have many Celtic, Norse, Druid, Indian, Christian, and Wiccan members, and none of these are a requirement. We’re in good company regardless of our heritage, spirituality, religion, and just about anything else. We often greet with a merry meet, and blessed be is also often heard.

We are a group of women who ride motorcycles. We calls ourselves a motorcycle coven, because many of us are highly spirited. Some of us are paganistic, so it’s a good guess that the rest of us are open-minded.

We are not an MC as in motorcycle club. We’re not an MC’s support group. We’re not an RC as in riding club. It’s not that we want to avoid dues. We just won’t end sisterhoods because of annual dues. We’re all lifetime members. We are not territorial. We don’t have any demands. We don’t have to attend anything to continue to be a member. We can quit any time. We can wear ABATE or LOH or H.O.G. or whatever patches as long as we don’t ever wear a bottom rocker or MC designator with our backpatch. We are not chartered by AMA. If we go on a ride organized by another association or club, we follow their rules. We can ride with anyone who welcomes us. The road captain might say we roll in 10 minutes, but if we are having a good time, we can stay and party. There is no initiation. We get along great with all other women who ride whether they are in an MC or not. We get along with guys too. If we have an old man that rides, that’s cool, and if we go on a ride he can go with us. Many of us have families. Some of them are blood relatives, and some are part of our extended biker family.

We are working on having a really cool patch so you’ll be able to spot a few of us when you see us on the road. As with just about everything else, we don’t have to wear it. It will not be a 3 piece patch with bottom rocker, and will not have an MC or WMC to go with it. We respect all who ride, including independents, other groups of independents, RC’s, and MC’s.


It’s the only way to “Ride Free”.



If our logo looks familiar, compare it to the independent biker logo, courtesy of Biker Tee, The independent biker logo is based on the symbol of the triple crescent moon, which supposedly is ancient celtic in origin. It forms the backdrop for the Priestess logo to show our independence. We are a group of riders, independent of any MC, with peace and respect for all.

We are a group of women who gather, ride motorcycles, and conjure.

priestess cauldron banner

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