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“The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot.”



Motorcycle Group: We are a group of women who ride motorcycles. We are independent riders.
Independent: We are free to join and quit, participate and not participate.
Motorcycle Sisterhood: We are a motorcycle sisterhood.
Motorcycle Family: We strive to involve family members, whether they are blood relatives or extended motorcycle families.
Motorcycle Club: We are not a motorcycle club. We do not have any expectations of our members.
Riding Club: We are not a riding club. We do not pay dues or buy memberships.

Priestess: Has ridden her own motorcycle for at least 3 years, and is over 21.
Coven: An assembly of witchy women. We gather, ride motorcycles, and conjure.
Covenant: Our charter, which explains how we are organized.
Witch: A woman or girl considered bewitching. An enchantress. One who is particularly skilled or competent.
Conjurer: Rides her own motorcycle, and is learning safety tips, usually with the help of a local Priestess.
Conjurer Apprentice: female relatives, including extended biker  family members, who do not ride street legal motorcycles yet. They are given special membership if they have an interest in riding motorcycles.

Summoning High Priestess: Northwind. Gathers the High Council. Gathers the entire Coven.
High Council: Northwind, Eastwind, Southwind, Westwind. High Priestesses who set the direction of the entire Coven.
Summoning Priestess of a local coven: As local covens are formed, a Priestess will be appointed Summoning Priestess.
Council: As local covens grow, the Summoning Priestess of the local coven may appoint council to help set direction.


We are a group of women who gather, ride motorcycles, and conjure.

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